Before deciding to surrender your pet, please consider other options first. There are many reasons you may be considering rehoming your pet.  Here are some common issues we may be able to help you resolve before rehoming.
  • Are there issues that may be due to animals being intact?      We offer Low Cost Spay/Neuter services

  • Are there medical issues unknown or cannot afford?      We offer Low Cost Wellness visits

  • Are there issues with house training/separation anxiety?     We can provide a crate/thunder shirt on loan

  • Is there a litter box issue?     We can offer advice on alternative litters and other types of litter boxes

  • Are there behavioral issues that a trainer may help with?    Call the surrender helpline for behavior advice. We can provide information on Trainers that MAY provide a free consultation to prevent the pet being surrendered.

  • Is there an issue with housing?   We have a list of pet-friendly housing and homeowners insurance

  • Is there a temporary crisis?     We have emergency fosters for short term placement (upon availability)

  • Are they a good fit for a breed specific or special needs rescue?    We can provide a Rescue referral

  • Can you not keep the animal until the next available appointment?     Ask family, friends, or coworkers if they can temporary care for your pet. We have a list of local rescues that may be able to take in your pet.

  • Do you not have enough time for the animal?     We have information on local pet sitters, doggy daycare centers and dog walkers.

  • Do you have the time to find a home on your own?     List your pet on or and ask us for some rehoming tips. We can help with checks on potential adopters.

  • Are you having trouble affording for your pet?     Sign up for our Furry Friend Food Bank for up to 6 months of food assistance.

If you have exhausted all your options and feel that you must surrender your pet, please contact our Surrender Helpline to discuss your options.

Owned pets are taken by appointment only. 

SURRENDER HELPLINE: 386-597-1386 (leave message)


Our team receives a high volume of requests daily. We appreciate your patience. Calls and emails are returned in the order they were received. Thank you!


Forms can be found at the bottom of this page. Please print and complete before arriving for your appointment. If you are unable to do so beforehand, please come a few minutes early for your appointment and fill them out in your car with your pet. 

If health records are available, please bring them or provide information on which veterinary office was used. If they are currently on any medications, please bring those as well.

Unfortunately senior pets (especially with health issues) do not adjust well to shelter life and there are limited resources to treat their ailments. For senior pets (cats 12 years + and dogs 8 years +), you may be asked to complete an owner requested euthanasia form in case this is the best option for the pet.

If the animal has any behavioral issues that may pose a safety risk to staff or potential adopters, you may  be asked to euthanasia request form.

If your pet has bitten or scratched a human in the last 10 days, a quarantine fee may apply.


In order to meet the daily needs of caring for your pet and updating their preventative medical care items, you will be asked to pay a surrender fee.

Adoption Returns (within 30 days) – No charge but donation is recommended

Adoption Returns (over 30 days) – $50

Surrenders that are already spayed/neutered – $100

Surrenders that are NOT spayed/neutered – $150

Litters of Kittens/Puppies – Ask about Fee

If you are unable to pay the fees, you may speak to management about accommodations.
If you do not reside in Flagler County, we may not be able to accept your pet at this time due to space constraints. Please ask for a list of resources available in your county.
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