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Yesterday we had to say goodbye to our longtime shelter dog, our mascot, our staff therapist, our kissing booth attendant, our summer camp counselor, our public relations expert and our friend.  We called her our Director of Affection Research and Development. Our director, Amy, called Sperry her favorite employee. 

Sperry came to us in March of 2018, severely injured. We sewed her back together and she was adopted out twice. She was returned both times for reasons that were not her fault. Both times that she was returned to FHS she was super excited to be back and would bust out in Zoomies. She had chosen us but she gave back much more than we could have ever imagined.

She was the greatest listener and always gave you her full attention when you needed someone to vent to or bounce ideas off. She was comedic relief during a hard day. She gave the best hugs and was always available for a selfie. She just seemed to always be in tune with whatever your need was and was there to provide the support that you needed in that moment. She was a born empath. She was always there to provide us with a kiss of encouragement or a lick of approval. HR saved a lot of money by appointing her as the staff therapist.

Sperry is survived by her loving FHS family, devoted staff and volunteers, and her personal fan club. She will be deeply missed by many as she touched so many lives. She was a wonderful example for her breed. She never missed an opportunity to change people’s minds about a misunderstood breed.

Sperry is deserving of flowers and gifts and accolades, but we know that she would rather have her furry friends at the shelter receive any gifts in her memory. If you would like to make a donation in memory of Sperry, we know she would be grateful for it to go to her friends and family at FHS.

Sperry will never be forgotten. She will live on in all the deserving homeless pets that find their forever homes at FHS.

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