Online New Volunteer Orientation

Please watch this orientation video to learn about our shelter and important information about becoming a volunteer at Flagler Humane Society:

After watching the entire video, you may proceed to the New Volunteer Orientation quiz below:

(You may refer back to the video as needed and re-take the quiz as many times as needed to pass. You must receive at least a 90% to pass.)

Online New Volunteer Orientation

Online New Volunteer Orientation for incoming Flagler Humane Society volunteers.

Please fill out your information:

(Please include both your first and last name in the name field.)

(Do not include any parentheses or hyphens in the phone number field; only numbers, please. (Ex. 3864451814))

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What is the Flagler Humane Society’s #1 Goal?

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Flagler Humane Society is a

3 / 10

True or False: Flagler Humane Society is a “high-kill” shelter.

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What is the minimum age required for volunteering at the Flagler Humane Society?

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I’m interested in volunteering in a particular department; how can I get involved?

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Why do I have to wear a “Volunteer Badge” whenever I volunteer at the shelter?

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Why are foster families in such high demand for kittens and puppies that arrive at the shelter?

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Why is it important that I login my hours whenever I come to the shelter to volunteer?

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Our services include:

(Check all that apply.)

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Can I come anytime I want to volunteer, as long as its during the shelter’s operating hours?

Your score is

The average score is 80%


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