Reporting a lost pet

It is your responsibility as a pet owner to do everything you can to find your pet. This includes going to the local humane society daily. Submitting a lost report will help but if their description of a pet is different than what you described – the pet may not match up and your pet could be waiting for you.

Due to the high number of stray dogs and cats brought in and subjectivity of descriptions, we are unable to guarantee by phone whether your pet is at the shelter. For the best chance of identifying he/she, visit these shelters in person with an updated photo. Go back frequently, not just one time.

Reclaiming a Pet

There may be reclaim fees involved if the Flagler Humane Society has your pet.

Reclaim fees charged to reclaim a lost or stray animal, and only help us to underwrite the costs incurred in staff time and supplies we use when an animal is brought to the Flagler Humane Society. This includes vaccinations and flea control on intake, staff time to process your pet, and care the animal receives, which is often times the case.

Rates are as follows:

  • First reclaim rate is $55.00 (includes an engraved id tag)
  • Rabies vaccination + Palm Coast License fees may be applied
  • Second reclaim rate is $100.00
  • Third reclaim rate is $150.00
  • Each additional reclaim after the third is an added $50.00
  • Boarding fees apply of $15.00 per day after the first day of intake

Below is a listing of stray pets currently at the Flagler Humane Society Shelter