Management & Administration:

Executive Director: Amy Carotenuto

Volunteer & Donation Coordinator: Lynn Myers

Animal Care & Placement Manager: Kyndra Mott

Community Outreach & Development Coordinator: Kaitlyn Holling

Director of Affection: Sperry

Administrative Assistant: William Bowes

Canine Enrichment Coordinator: Graham Boggs

Animal Control Services:

Supervisor: Amy Carotenuto

Animal Services Officer: Katie Share

Dispatcher: Mary Ann Michaels


Medical Director and Shelter Veterinarian: Dr. Roberto Carlos AguiarRelief Veterinarian: Dr. Pam

Relief Veterinarian: Dr. Triplett


Medical Manager: Joelene Osterhout

Medical Assistant: Julie James

Medical Assistant: Heather Rohn

Medical Assistant: Noah Gammon

Medical Assistant: Hailey Via

Medical Assistant: David James


Animal Care & Placement Manager: Kyndra Mott

Kennel Attendant: Janelle Evans

Kennel Attendant: Mason McLaughlin

Kennel Attendant: Emily Haston

Kennel Attendant: Brandon Page

Kennel Attendant: Wilbur Weaver

Kennel Attendant: Josefina Hatfield

Kennel Attendant: Samantha Deeley


Animal Care & Placement Manager: Kyndra Mott

Cattery Attendant: Joyce Steinmiller

Cattery Attendant: Hailey Via

Cattery Attendant: Hayden Stutzman

Cattery Attendant: Amanda Sammons
Cattery Attendant: William Bowes

Customer Service & Adoptions:

Customer Service Manager: Colleen Leister

Customer Service: Noell ForysCustomer Service: Hailey Jankowski

Adoptions: Debra Tantay

Adoptions: Christie Peel

Building Maintenance & Grounds:

Elisa Smith

Jay Casino

Thrift Store:

Manager: Perry Nida

Assistant Manager: Diane Nelson

Associate: Kathleen Botsford

Associate: Isaac Russell

Associate: Steve Peters

Associate: Patricia Ressler

Associate: Cynthia Wilk

Associate: Tajh Kemp

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