FHS Animal Services officers educate the public about Trap, Neuter, and Return when they can. They sometimes even provide trapping and transportation for the cats.

Trap, Neuter, and Return – TNR as it’s typically called – is the only humane and effective way to reduce population numbers. Let our highly trained team help educate you today as to all the many benefits of feral/community cat population control in your neighborhood.

FHS can accept 2 walk-in surgical appointments for spay/neuter of feral or community cats on Mondays and Fridays (days are subject to change – call prior to drop off to confirm) from 8:30am – 9am. All cats MUST be in a trap or surgery will not be performed.

There is an option of scheduling an appointment for surgery. Call Customer Service for more information.

Occasionally FHS is awarded a grant for reduced feral/community cat sterilization. Customer Service will be able to direct you to which surgical option is best for your particular situation.