Pet Training for Dogs


The Flagler Humane Society offers dog training classes to assist you in handling your pet. Dog training takes a lot of patience and time. Dog training is actually more about training you—not your pet. Our classes are cost effective, with ALL proceeds helping us care for the hundreds of pets that come to our door each day.

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Pet Training for Cats

If you think the only trick you can teach a cat is to come running when a can of food is opened — you are (fortunately!) mistaken. Behind that inscrutable gaze is a loving creature that wants to please you.
“It isn’t clear to a cat what we want,” said Dr. Carlo Siracusa, Clinical Assistant Professor of Animal Behavior at University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. “When we don’t pay attention to their signals, they get frustrated and might exhibit aggressive behaviors such as scratching or biting … positive training will help communicate your preferences in a calm, fun manner.”

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