The Flagler Humane Society (FHS) offers affordable spay/neuter services so no pet owner is prevented from sterilizing their pet due to financial constraints. Certificates can be purchased at FHS and appointments will be scheduled at the time of purchase.

Additional services include: microchips, rabies vaccinations, Bordatella, DHPP, ear cleaning, nail clipping, de-worming, heartworm testing, FVRCP, and FeLuk/FIV testing. Contact FHS for pricing and pet requirements.

Qualified, licensed veterinarians perform all spay/neuter surgeries and every pet will receive a physical exam and a pain injection after surgery.

Flagler County residents who wish to have their pets spay/neutered at a private veterinary practice of their choice may apply to receive a $25 rebate from the County. Download the rebate application (PDF).