Lost Pets

  • The Flagler Humane Society offers aggressive search methods for your lost pet through various media platforms, such as social media and our very own lost and found. All stray animals who arrive at our shelter are featured on the the website in the found pets section, as well as people can post flyers at the shelter and on Facebook, which has a very active group of followers.
  • There are fee’s when picking up your pet. If your pet is not already spayed or neutered, FHS may waive the return fees and have you purchase a low cost spay/neuter instead.  Spaying and neutering often keeps pets closer to home and might solve problems of pets running away from home. Our goal is to get as many animals spayed and neutered to keep accidental backyard breeding down, as well as overall pet population numbers (not to mention it’s good for the pets health). There are still not enough homes for all the pets who need one.