Outreach Spotlight

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H . E . L . P .
Helping Each other Live Peacefully
A team of 5th and 6th graders from Rymfire Elementary School, Breonna, Lorenzien, Zenae, Alana, Cesar, Brody, and Stephen decided to start a group/project to help the people in their school community deal with negative feelings about this “new” school year.
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Due to COVID-19, people have had to drastically change their daily lives. One of the activities to help brighten people’s day was to bring in the Ambassador Dogs.

The Ambassador Dog Program partners with The Flagler Humane Society.

Alice Geis, the contact for the Ambassador Dog Program was very excited to partner with Rymfire to help students and staff feel better.
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The group met with Ms. Nordmeier, Rymfire’s Guidance Counselor, came up with a plan for the dogs to help students in need. Ms. Nordmeier wanted to plan a day around the 6th grade mental curriculum days.

She also had a list of certain students to be included from grades K-5 that would benefit from therapy dogs.

On March 25th, The Ambassador Dogs and handlers came to visit from 11:00-1:00.
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Alice brought 2 Papillon dogs, Gigi and Suzie. Dottie brought an English Golden Retriever, Dalla. Throughout the time they were there students and staff were able to pet and snuggle with these sweet, friendly pups.

The students were taught the difference between therapy and service dogs. They also witnessed all three dogs completing tricks and commands. It was clear that the therapy dogs made a positive effect for every person who was in contact with them. There were about thirty students who were able to play with the therapy dogs. About fifteen teachers and staff members were able to meet with these dogs as well.

Group H.E.L.P. , Alice, and Ms. Nordmeir are making plans for this to be a monthly event at Rymfire.
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