In 2014, there was over $21 billion spent on pet food sales in the country. Each year, that rate is rising, with people searching for the best foods to feed their pet. Hound & Gatos Pet Foods Corporation, has been awarded “Most Trusted Pet Foods” three years in a row and here’s what sets them apart.

“Not all pet foods are equal, and the more you know about them the more that becomes apparent,” explains Will Post, founder and CEO, Hound & Gatos Pet Foods Corporation. “Most people are looking to feed their pet, but they don’t realize that a lot of pet junk and unhealthy foods come in nice packaging from companies with large marketing budgets.”

Increasingly, people are beginning to understand that what they feed their pets makes a big difference in their health. Whether through the news of so many pet food recalls or that consumers are learning more about what to look for in terms of ingredients, consumers are making better, thought-out choices when it comes to their purchases.

The company allows consumers easy access to the information regarding where their ingredients come from, what’s in the food, and why they avoid many products that other companies don’t. They want people to know more about the pet food that they are purchasing, so they can make informed decisions and help keep their pets healthy.

Hound & Gatos always provides DNA testing results, which prove the origins of the animal protein. This is something that other pet food companies do not engage in. They do this to ensure accurate DNA accuracy.

“We have been awarded the Most Trusted Pet Foods award three years in a row because we are committed to providing excellence in the pet food industry,” adds Post. “We know what should be in a healthy, safe, and high quality pet food, and we stick to it. We never compromise to make more money or be able to obtain ingredients that may be out of stock. We are focused and unwavering in this field.”