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Kozy Kennels
Twenty five years ago Flagler Humane Society consisted of sixteen dog kennels, two narrow cat rooms with eighteen cages each and cramped quarters for everything else. Our old facility was in disrepair and we couldn’t wait to build the new shelter.

Tons of fundraising, designing, and working with all sorts of subcontractors later, we were in the new shelter. Going from 16 kennels to 56 kennels allowed us to keep dogs longer, so adoptions skyrocketed. Beautiful open glass rooms for cats displayed them so adopters fell in love quickly. A spacious, fully equipped surgery facility, retail space, a large education room for meetings and gatherings all allowed us to expand our services.

Fast forward to 2021. Our once state of the art facility is showing it’s wear and tear. Our facility is showing its age and so am I, so I can relate. It breaks my heart to see anything damaged within the shelter. I can’t help myself, sometimes I still refer to it as “The New Building”.

Our kennels receive the brunt of the impact of the use. Thousands of dogs over the years, some of them escape artists pulling apart commercial grade fencing. Three hundred and sixty five days per year each kennel bleached, scoured and scrubbed down at least once daily.

We have patched, painted, repaired and tried to keep up with problems.
What’s the phrase....”putting lipstick on a pig”? It was time to bite the bullet and purchase new gates. So we purchased 24 gates to replace just the ones that were in severe disrepair. When the installers arrived. They were concerned that small cracks in the concrete could only get worse as they used a hammer drill to install the new gates. So it’s off to find a block mason who can rebuild the cracked walls without damaging our poured epoxy floors.

Why do we tell you this, well between the new gates and the concrete work, each kennel that we repair will cost well over $1,000. Thankfully we saved up enough for the gates themselves, although not enough to replace every gate, just the severely damaged ones. What we hadn’t prepared for though was the concrete work.

We need to raise $40,000. for the “Kozy Kennels” Project. Any gift would be tremendously appreciated. A gift of $750 or more will enable the donor to name the kennel in honor of a special pet, loved one, or just themselves! Our friends at Acme Trophies and Awards will engrave beautiful plaques for our generous donors. If you want to be part of the Kozy Kennel project, you can either stop by, mail a check or you may go to www.flaglerhumanesociety.org and click on Donate. You can make your gift in memory or in honor of someone. Please use that section to make note that your gift is for the kennels. The puppies will thank you!!!


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