New technologies, smartphones and GPS programs are all scurrying to keep helping us take the best care of our pets. Now there is a new product that combines all the fitness feature of a Fitbit, along with social networking and apps that can help owners across the country work together to search for or locate a lost pet.

Poof, a start-up that exceeded its $27,000 fundraising goal on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo, has developed the ‘Bean’. It’s the smallest device ever made for dogs and cats and the first to monitor a pet’s fitness level that also includes a tracking device at very affordable prices starting at just $30.


Poof works with a free downloadable App that combines social networking and Bluetooth based crowd GPS technology so that people across the country can work together to search for and locate lost pets, whether they own a Poof device or not. It’s referred to as social GPS and it alerts users of nearby lost pets with passive and automatic alerts.

“Pet lovers now have a small, easy to use, tracking and fitness product that harnesses modern technology and the power of social networking without weighing down their precious pets,” said Larry Kaufman, VP Sales, Partner Relations for Poof.

The Bean is as small as a pill for cats and small dogs. It’s lightweight and makes tracking easier and more consistent because it can be clipped on a collar like other dog/cat tags, so the pet is always connected. Harnessing similar technology that is used in the world’s best smartphones, it has 60 days of battery life and is rechargeable through a standard USB port.

“We believe pets deserve the benefits of the best technology can offer, so we approached the engineering of Poof like we would for a high performance human product. The result is the longest lasting battery in the smallest for factor ever made for a pet tracker,” added Kaufman.