Military Support for Veterans

FHS partners with three different organizations as we help match the right pet with a veteran in need. The organizations are; K9’s for Warriors, Pets for Patriots and Paws of War. We also offer discounts to all veterans on an array of services and items available. We salute the men and women who serve or have served our country!

Educational Opportunities


  • FHS produces several informative and educational newspaper articles monthly, and we even host a weekly radio show called, “Speaking of Animals”, that brings in expert animal welfare industry leaders to answers questions, disclaim myths, and overall help you understand your beloved pets better.
  • We have a large social media presence from our website, Twitter account, Facebook (three pages – FHS shelter, Animal Services and Thrift Store) with our Facebook page having one of the highest support/following rate in all of Flagler County.
  • At the request of various groups, schools, civic groups, community centers, nursing homes, and other places to help educate the community about what it is we do, how to care for your pet, bite prevention, why adopt a new pet, etc. Often times we will bring with us an adoptable pet to showcase.
  • FHS will provide humane materials and conduct interviews for students as they prepare a speech or classroom presentation.

Ambassador Dog Programs

  • Owned, properly trained pets are taken with their volunteer pet owners to visit the sick and elderly in assisted-living facilities, group homes, etc. This Ambassador Dog Program is also involved in a children’s reading program, in which school children read to the dogs, both at schools and at the local library.
  • Reading to cats is a new program we just recently started at Petco. This program is where children come to read to all our adoptable cats, located in the stores. They love the attention and socialization.

Transfer of Pets from Other Shelters

The Flagler Humane Society accepts animals from other shelters as often as possible, in order for them to have a second chance at a new forever home. No animal should be euthanized for lack of shelter space, resources, or due to perhaps not enough eyes on them to have a chance at adoption. And the same goes for if an animal has been at our shelter for a long period of time, it may be time to give them a change of scenery to find that new forever home.

Wildlife Care

No animal in need is ever turned away from the Flagler Humane Society, as we care for injured and orphaned animals of most species as space/resources allow. Species of animals beyond our area of expertise are transported in a timely manner to a rehabiliation center or veterinary hospitals to provide the proper care. Once a wild animal is able to survive on its own, we responsibly release them back into their natural habitat.

Surrender Your Pet

This is always the last resort for any pet owner, and should be thought through well before heading to our shelter – but we are here for you if you want help.  Learn more here.

Think Green: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The Flagler Humane Society recycles aluminum cans, and newspaper. All proceeds benefit the abused, abandoned and homeless animals in our care. While dropping off your recyclables, come in and learn more about the many services offered. Whether you foster a pet in need for a short period of time or decide to adopt, we have many opportunities to get involved. You can volunteer, foster, adopt, learning how inexpensive it is for us medically treat your pet, or just purchase a cool collar, dog bed, or pet toy – everything you do with us saves lives!