From super heroes and cartoon characters to on-trend pumpkin-spice flavored treats, classic candy-corn toys, fish tank ornaments and spider-themed pet beds, pet owners are treating their animals to an unprecedented selection of hundreds of Halloween products this year. There are many creative ways to include pets in the fun of Halloween. Here are some useful tips and suggestions from PetSmart to help pet parents and families enjoy the Halloween season with their pet, including styling, activities, treats and safety suggestions.

Dress to Impress. Whether your pet is into dressing up a little or going full-on festive, there are numerous ways to complete your family’s look with a variety of dog and cat costumes and accessories and even costumes for guinea pigs. If your dog or cat does not like a costume, a simple witch’s hat for the dog or devil horns for your cat can make an impact. Dogs may also enjoy a variety of “rider” costumes, which are a comfortable option for dogs that are unsure about a complete costume and some available include a surfer girl, caveman, alien and a pink loofa.

Prep Your Pet to Host a Pet Party. Round up your pets’ friends and throw a pet party to celebrate their cute faces and hilarious Halloween antics. For entertainment, set up an obstacle course, Frisbee toss or play hide-and-seek with treat-filled toys. You can even send your guests home with a goody bag of treats.

Halloween Play. Take some time to play with your dog with creepy toys like a witch’s hand or a plush ugly doll or a rope pumpkin. Cats enjoy cat nip-infused Halloween mice and feather door dangler.

Stop the Door Bell. As much fun as the spookiness of the season can be for many pets, it can be unnerving for some. For dogs that are agitated by the constantly ringing doorbell, pet parents can sit outside to hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters.

Calming Tips. A quick stroll outside for dogs to investigate the festivities for themselves can ease anxiety. Be sure to use a light-up collar, light-up harness or light-up leash for added safety. For dogs that need a little extra comforting, the Sentry line of products features calming solutions with pheromones that help calm pets, or try the Thundershirt, which delivers calming effects for dogs that might need added security on Halloween night. Pick up health and Halloween Pet Safety Tips at all the Banfield clinics inside PetSmart stores.