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March 31, 2021
Donna Fannell

Stacy the Diva

Stacy is a female tabby who turned 1 year old last December.

She has a good disposition and is petite, weighing only 7 pounds when I got her a couple months ago, so she always looks like a kitten. However, when she does not like her food she turns the dish over, meaning she is done, it's over.

I could not find her one day and finally found her under the covers, completely covered, head included. She chases her tail continuously, as she does not understand that it's hers and attached to her. This is hilarious.

She loves to be brushed, and purrs contentedly when it's done. She is not long haired, which is a blessing as she sheds very little.

She exercises with me every morning, sitting on the yoga mat. She also sits on the sofa next to me to watch TV. At night she brings out all her toys and plays with them while I'm sleeping. When it's bed time and I close my bedroom door, she goes straight to her cat bed outside the door.

She is a great companion and we both like our own space at times.

A special thank you to Donna Fannell for sharing her Flagler Humane Society Adoption Story with us!
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