Flagler Animal Services is contracted by the Unincorporated Flagler County, City of Bunnell and City of Flagler Beach – to provide animal services . Officers respond to complaints of stray, injured, aggressive, and nuisance domestic animals. We investigate abuse, cruelty and neglect reports. Our focus is to enforce the county and cities animal ordinances to keep both the animals and the public safe.  If you see an animal being abused or neglected – be their voice and report these actions using the number below.

For domestic animal inquiries in the city of Palm Coast, please call Palm Coast Animal Control at 386-986-2520.



Supervisor Katie Share has almost 20 years of animal welfare experience including the investigation of over 100 animal abuse cases.  Katie researches and authors ordinances, making suggestions to our city and county leaders when improvements to our local ordinances are needed.

Officer Keith Neal has worked his way up through the ranks, working at Halifax Humane Society and ASPCA before coming back to Flagler where he was raised.  Keith loves working with people – helping them to become better pet owners.

Officer Stephanie Hawkins recently became a certified officer through the Florida Animal Control Association. Stephanie is all about helping people and their pets.

MaryAnn Michaels is a lifelong lover of all animals.  MaryAnn ensures that the officers receive their calls and messages. MaryAnn’s office usually houses small dogs who enter the shelter scared and she helps to settle them down.

Between Stephanie and Keith, the cities that we serve have 24 hour emergency service for injured and lost animals.  Dinner, family time and even sleep may get interrupted, however Keith and Stephanie love helping animals so much, they willingly respond in emergencies.  


What is Flagler Animal Services?

  • The Flagler Humane Society contracts with Flagler County, the City of Bunnell and Flagler Beach to provide a kinder, gentler animal control with an emphasis on education rather than punitive.
  • Our highly skilled and trained Animal Control Officers assist pet owners, often times providing dog houses, collars, transportation for pets, and basic veterinary care. They will perform return-to-owners in the field if the owners can be located.
  • We also provide emergency on call services for injured or sick animals. This includes wildlife. We respond to these calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week by our officers through the Flagler Sheriff’s dispatching.
  • Officers perform neglect and cruelty investigations if the situation warrants. Animals may be confiscated with permanent custody and prosecution of the abuser sought through the court system.


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