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September 23, 2020
The Queen of the House
A Holiday Wishes Story

I was too young to remember the day my parents brought home our cat Pandora, so I can’t really say for sure how she changed my life. However, I can’t imagine what my world would be like without her.

Pandora is ten years old in human years, and I’m not sure what this translates to in cat years, but on some days she acts like a moody teenager and other days she acts like a grumpy grandma and there are even some days when she acts like a baby and wants to curl up in your arms.

Originally my parents intended to help the Flagler humane society by fostering a litter of kittens, but when we got there a singular kitten had just arrived that needed attention. By the time we made it to the car my parents already decided she wasn’t going back. We named her Pandora because when she was a kitten she looked like a little panda. She has short, soft, black and white hair, and her size will make you think she’s a whole lot younger than she actually is in real life.

Pandora loves to steal doll clothes & socks. When she finds doll clothes or socks, she will mew for a while and then for reasons unknown, she sinks them in her water dish. Another quirk that Pandora is known for is wearing clothes. She truly seems to enjoy wearing cute outfits and any other behavior that gets her extra attention. In fact, when it’s family photo time, Pandora always finds a way to photobomb the experience.

Many households have a guard dog, but in addition to the usual bark alarm we also have a very judgmental housecat. She is probably the best judge of character I’ve ever met. She seems to know immediately if a person is kind or good natured, and she isn’t above being motherly to everyone in my house.

She is always involved with whatever we are doing and comically enjoys sitting in my little brother’s old highchair while we’re eating or playing board games (she looks like a little princess). Since she was taken from her mother at a very young age, she kneads blankets a lot and loves to be picked up a cuddled… usually. If you try to hold her, she has to be held up high or else she’ll get mad, she prefers to be on your shoulder like a parrot or sometimes to be held like a baby and be rocked.

Lastly one of Pandoras most endearing qualities is that if you’re upset or not feeling well, she will comfort you by licking your face and rubbing up against you. She’s a very kind and compassionate cat. I like playing with her because she’s so unpredictable and you never know what she’ll do, she makes me so happy when I play with her. She is such an important part of my family that I cannot imagine what my life would be like without her.

Natalie Esposito