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September 23, 2020
A Holiday Wishes Story

Back in December of 2006, my husband suggested we go to our local animal shelter and look for a dog to adopt since our dog had recently died. She was a dog my husband had found abandoned in a parking lot.

We went in and were shown to the kennels where the adoptable dogs are kept. I'll admit it was a little intimidating because all the dogs would bark when you walked by. While walking through, I came around the corner and saw a red Doberman pinscher, thin and looking in need of a bath. She just looked at me but didn't bark. When my husband came around to the front of the cage this dog started barking and even growled at him.

I thought, "oh, she doesn't like him".

Well, he surprised me when he said, "do you want to check her out?"

I said, "really, after she barked at you like that?"

He said “yes” so we got the attendant to get her out and we went into a room with her. My husband sat down in a chair and that dog went right over to him and laid her head on his lap and kept it there while he petted her.

It was so heartwarming, it made me cry. We walked her outside and she was so good. That's when I noticed her elbows were all rough and calloused, I cried and cried. I thought she probably never had a soft bed to lie on. They said she was about eight years old. I just knew we had to take her home and make the rest of her life the best it could be. And we did.

She is the sweetest and most well-behaved dog. She and the kitten we got soon after became the best of friends and she never barked at my husband again. We had her for 2 great years. Then we went back and found another one to save. I was glad my husband was persistent and was not put off by her initial greeting. She was all the Christmas present I needed.

Linda Paulsen