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September 23, 2020
My Baby Boy!
A Holiday Wishes Story

Almost 10 years ago now I got my best gift ever, a puppy. Flagler Humane Society at that time was closed Sunday and Monday, on a Saturday morning my mother called who passed away January 31st 2019 calls early in the morning and first thing she says is “get up we’re going to the humane society, they have Rottweiler puppies”.

My first dog as a child was a 165 Rottweiler so I knew the breed and how amazing they are.

Back to the morning phone call, I answer groggy, annoyed (I worked nights at the time so I was far from a morning person), “C‘mon mom!!!!"

Again, she says, “Get up and get dressed!”

So I did and off we went.

When I arrived there were 5 puppies, I knew I wanted him when I saw him. He was a lighter color to the rest and not getting into all the ruckus with his siblings and I knew he was the one!

Everyday is something new with him. He is amazing and ridiculously smart. I look forward to coming home everyday to him and giving him love. My husband feels the same way, and honestly Jabari has stopped some heated arguments just by his reactions.

I love watching him and spending as much time with him as possible. My heart hurts sometimes knowing he will have to leave me here on earth without him for a while , but the bond we have ensures me we will be together again.

The unconditional love of an animal is a remarkable thing to experience. There are so many different types of creatures on this earth we can’t even phantom, and they all have a purpose. Nothing in life is perfect, but the little moments that give us the ultimate joy is what we should concentrate on especially the love of a pet.

Each pet is unique is their own special way and the impact they have on us is unintelligible. My baby boy Jabari has changed my life forever.

Yes, they are hard work but that work you put in pays for itself 10 fold.

Clear the shelters is a wonderful program, I believe you shouldn’t be allowed to breed pets for sale until every shelter in the United States is empty.

Adopt a pet, clear the shelters!!!!!

DOG spelled backwards is GOD!!

Shara Brodsky Rivera