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September 23, 2020
A Holiday Wishes Story

I've always seen coffee cups that said, "I didn't rescue my dog, my dog rescued me" and never really understood the significance of that statement until my family came to adopt our sweet boy named "Auggie".

We were looking for a playmate to revitalize our 12 year old Westie who was becoming depressed as he was ageing. We rescued Auggie on August 19 2017 and I am so thankful we did because he brought our Westie back to life. The twinkle in his eye and the pep in his step was back once again after finding a friend in Auggie.

We called them brothers because their bond was deep. Auggie would always wait patiently for the Westie to eat first and when it was time to go outside he would corral him with his energetic barking and dancing to make sure he was coming too. They slept together, played all day with each other and protected one another. We once fostered a german shepherd and witnessed Auggies ability to accept the new dog while remaining loyal and attentive to the Westies safety.

We recently lost our sweet Westie at age 15 but the last 3 years with Auggie gave him the best years of his life. After we buried our Westie, Auggie whimpered and sat on his grave grieving. It was then I recounted all the joy our family encountered watching these two dogs love each other well.

Not only did Auggie change our Westies life for the better he changed our lives for the better too.

His attentiveness to us is amazing. He looks deep into our eyes and paws us gently to get us to love on him, making us each feel special. He is so smart and eager to learn tricks to please us. We love his quirks like corralling our family like we're a herd of sheep or the way he sits with his one paw tucked under and his head cocked sideways.

It's hysterical how he sometimes acts like a cat by getting up on the table when we're playing games and sitting on the game board. He has a different bark for each family member's arrival home. Everytime we come home we know he is waiting at the door to greet us. He dances around the floor waiting for us to bend down and love him.

Last year he became very sick and it looked as though we were going to lose him. He would lie in bed and paw at me to kiss him with what little energy he had.

Thankfully God healed him. Going through the possibility of losing him brought such an awareness of how much this dog meant to our family and how our lives have been changed forever.

Writer: Gabrielle Williams adoptee of Auggie from flagler humane society