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September 23, 2020
The Gift of Giving Back
A Holiday Wishes Story

Growing up, my parents were both teachers in my family. My father was an English, Latin teacher and my mother was an Elementary teacher. I was taught at a very early age that volunteering in the community was as important as school.

Giving your time to a cause, was important to my learning and the wellbeing of my community. Both of my parents demonstrated this view throughout their entire lives by “putting in the time.” So, when I became an adult, I looked for a way to give back to my community.

I found this in my love for animals and joined the Volunteer group at Flagler Humane Society. It is a small humane society with a very large need of volunteers and money. My best talents that I could give to them was not only adopting animals and giving money but to volunteer my knowledge of landscaping. Therefore, throughout the years, my family and I have donated many hours of service, which leads me to tell one of my favorite stories of the many dogs we have adopted.

The story began one afternoon at the Flagler Humane Society. I was there weeding and planting flowers in the gardens when I saw a flash of white fur and teeth run by. A few minutes later, the Animal Control Officer came running by as well.

As I watched her chase a dog that had gotten away from her, I couldn't decide who I was rooting for more. The dog, as she was small, fast and scared, or the officer who was tired, frustrated and worried.

The dog got away and ended up living in the forest in front of the Humane Society for 2 weeks. The Humane Society tried to catch her again and again by tempting her with food and water. She was smart, crazy and fast... she was a young Rat Terrier.

When they finally caught her, I was out again weeding and I got to see her upfront and close, by then she was emaciated and exhausted.

I took one look at her and said "I'll take her. I have 2 other dogs that are just as crazy as she is and she will fit right in."

Needless to say, I named her Luna, because her coloring reminded me of the moon, beautiful and calm at night. Ironically, she is that dog that is crazy, has more energy than my other two dogs together.

I now affectionately call her "Lunatic” because she runs like a greyhound and has the energy of a Jack Russell. But I love her, you see, because when I can get her to calm down at night, she buries herself in my lap, snuggles... and just for a short moment in time, she creates that image of the moon full of peace and tranquility.

It is then that I see my Luna.

Rebecca Reynolds