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September 23, 2020
Curry the Foster Failure
A Holiday Wishes Story

I began fostering kittens for our local animal shelter in 2018. By September of 2019 I had fostered 7 kittens. I would have taken in more but I have a tendency to get attached.

During this time we had lost our indoor/outdoor cat, Clifford. He was independent which created a bond between him and my husband. My husband respected Clifford's "I could care less" attitude. He went out one day and never returned, breaking our hearts. He was the first pet in our marriage that we had ever lost. I swore to never let another cat outside.

Trying to fill a void, I decided to foster a batch of bottle babies named Clover, Cayenne, and Curry. Curry was a runt and was SO difficult to feed. He wouldn't sit still, rooting around aggressively for the bottle. He looked like a little fruit bat, not the "cutest" kitten by most standards.

When they were old enough Clover and Cayenne were adopted very quickly! But I was worried about Curry. He is solid black, shorthaired, with pinched face that reminds me of the hairless breeds. He also was sick constantly as a kitten and needed more attention. I spent two weeks worrying over his fate, calling the shelter to check in, and apparently driving my husband nuts. My youngest son, who has OCD and anxiety was also getting anxious about Curry, worried that no one would properly love him.

One day, after my children and I returned from visiting family, my husband sat me down and told me to close my eyes and hold out my hands. He then plopped a warm little ball of fur into my arms. My husband, after hearing our concerns for two weeks, secretly went to the shelter and brought Curry home.

He couldn't be adopted right away because he had an awful respiratory and eye infection. My husband, who wasn't really a cat person, had been giving Curry medicine twice a day, nursing him without complaint.

Curry eventually got better, was formally adopted by us, and settled into our home. He became the most loving cat I've ever met, especially considering his breed is usually more standoffish and independent, like our Clifford.

My younger son, Weston, started having nightmares and trouble sleeping due to his anxiety until Curry started sleeping with him. Weston hasn't had a nightmare in almost ten months thanks to Curry. He sleeps right next to Weston's head, sharing the pillow.

He has also changed my husband's life, turning him into a "cat person". It's impossible not to smile and laugh when Curry wiggles his way in between us, wanting to press his head up against my husband's beard. Curry isn't satisfied until he gets to snuggle with us.

Our little "fruit bat" helped to heal our broken hearts over losing our first cat, gave my son a sense of security and comfort, and made our family complete.

Curry, the foster failure, is a blessing to us. The best kind of failure!