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May 11, 2020
Christen Brautigan

The Danger Days
of Summer

It is beautiful out, and we are home more than we once were. Perhaps we are home so much that we are letting our guard down while protecting our children and pets around the family pool. Some of the normal precautions we used to take like keeping a fence up around the pool, we leave down because we are home.

I once had a Great Dane named Sampson, we were in the backyard and he was running to see my husband on the other side of the yard. He walked in and sunk into the deep end of the pool. We thought he would swim and get himself out. Instead, he stared up at us and didn’t move, we got him out but it was a wake up call.

Many dogs will either be shocked, swim and struggle so much that they get exhausted or can’t make it to the steps to get out. It’s possible even for a dog who usually loves to swim in the pool, to get in trouble and drown. Nationwide Pet Insurance companies say that thousands of canine drowning deaths are reported annually. Even that is likely a low estimate because many go unreported.

Please be diligent in making sure the pool is safe for everyone. Two of my dogs love to go in our pool but we have a doggie pad on one side that only has 3 inches of water and we block off our pool when we are not around. I also purchased one of the blue plastic pools that cost around $12. Dogs love to walk through those or lay in them.

Other ideas to help your pet cool down is a wet bandana around their neck. Or for a refreshing treat, one of my favorite things I do is use salt free broth and drop in a few soft treats or pieces of dog food and pour into an old water bottle and freeze it. Fill the bottle up halfway. Your dog will work to get to the treats and as the treat melts, your dog gets the last of the prize.

I also recently had a friend send me a frozen pop idea. Look it up on the internet. I sometimes make my fur babies treats from scratch so I know exactly what they are eating, it can be hit or miss but it is fun to do with the kids. If you have any ideas you want to share with me, please email me at, I would love to hear any ideas for animal enrichment. We are always looking for ideas to use with our animals at the shelter.