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April 11, 2020
Christen Brautigan

Camp Corona

You may be spending more quality time with your pets while we are all on lockdown. Walking the dog outside in this gorgeous weather we’ve been having is great exercise and a great way to burn off the extra calories. It’s hard not to eat more when we’re home more.

Well, you have the kids too. What to do?

I have a lot of furry babies along with a scaly baby, which I try to incorporate into the kid’s schedules. I have the kids feed them, it is a good and easy responsibility to give them. I have older children now but when they were young, they started feeding, brushing and washing their pets. This is a good time to teach kids that all animals add to our lives. Teach kids to respect animals. We may think “Of course my kids respect animals” but seeing what I have seen in animal welfare and being married to a deputy, I see that some kids do things when people aren’t watching. It might not be intentional or maybe it is. Kids need to learn at an early age that animals have feelings just like they do.

I have overseen many kids camps through my life and lately I run the FHS summer camp, Camp Pawprint. There are so many things you can do to teach math, science, cooking, sewing, and other subjects while they have fun. Go on google or look up videos on making cat or dog toys. Have them measure and cut the fabric. Double check that there is nothing that could hurt your animal. My camp kids made catnip socks and cork twists for the cats. We made fishing pole toys with feathers and yarn as the rope. Be creative. For the dogs my kids made interactive toys. They took plastic bottles and cut holes into them and placed them on a wooden dowel. They partially filled bottles with dog treats. The dogs spin the bottles to get the treats out. It is so funny to watch. I have a few dogs and the older ones watch the younger ones spin the bottles to get the treats out and eat the treats before the younger one can get to them. It gives your kids a chance to have fun and bond with their animals. There are also tons of cat and dog treats to make. Don’t make them all at once because the fresh treats don’t usually last that long. The kids can measure and cook them. You can also have the kids work on teaching basic sit and stay and then maybe even more elaborate commands. We taught one of my cats to do a high five. It is hilarious. Brainstorm with your kids, they will smile and laugh and keep you giggling, let them be creative and have fun. Flagler Humane Society is still planning to have Camp Pawprint this summer so be sure to call and sign up your kids.