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March 23, 2020
Melissa Boswell

Duck Story

With everything going on in the world right now we thought a lighthearted story would be nice.

I love animals, and I have a favorite. My Cat, my pride and joy, a Maine Coon named Nash Ville. I have 3 other cats and 2 dogs. My Husband calls me the crazy cat lady (maybe someday, lol).

I live on 6 acres with 2 ponds. I have always wanted ducks. Ducks eat insects and can provide a practical and safe method of pest control. Plus ducks are just plain cute and fun to watch.

Working at Flagler Humane Society, I was able to help out 2 homeless Muscovey ducks. I put them in my front pond. In the beginning, each day as I drove down my driveway, I would glance out to see two white spots either floating in the pond or sunning on the bank. I came home from work one day and saw 3 white spots. I was so excited and thought “Have I somehow gained a third duck?” As I got closer, my cat, Nash ran across the field back to the house. He had just been laying next to them on the bank.

You would think that a cat might see ducks as prey, but not my Nash. He had made friends.

Months later I wanted to move the ducks to my back pond so I could enjoy watching them. I walked to the front pond and they waddled right up to me. I laid a trail of food behind me and hoped they would follow me to the back. They did.

Now all my pets have been to the pond to check them out. They swim up to them and say hi. None of my pets care that they are ducks. Nash hangs out with them daily and seems to like to sunbathe with them. I have watched Nash walk down to the edge of the pond and my ducks will swim across to hang with their new friend. Never in my life would I have thought ducks and a cat would be friends. Made my Heart happy.

So, as stated earlier, I work at Flagler Humane Society, and as most people are aware, we do “meet and greets” with our dogs. If someone is interested in adopting and they have dogs at home, we ask them to bring theirs down so we can make sure it’s a good fit for all animals involved.

Recently a lady came in to adopt a dog. As I watched a kennel attendant bring a pup out to meet his lady, I was curious about who she brought in for the meet and greet. Much to my surprise, she brought her pet duck in for the meet and greet. The lady was so excited to find a dog that would get along with her duck. This pup and duck were a match made in heaven!

You just never know who or what will become best friends.