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March 16, 2020
Amy Wade Carotenuto

Legislation 2020

Florida’s 2020 legislative session ended March 13th and it was a busy session filled with animal protection bills. If you’re a Flagler County resident, please reach out to House Representive Paul Renner and Senator Travis Hutson at their local offices and thank them for their part in passing these laws that will help animals. If you live in Florida but outside of our local area, please look up your Representative and Senator and thank them on behalf of the animals. Here’s a list of some of the animal victories that are on their way to Governor DeSantis for his signature.

The Domestic Violence Injunctions law that ensures that the court has the ability to include family pets when a domestic violence victim files a temporary restraining order. This will protect pets and keep them away from the abuser.

Emergency Sheltering of Persons with Pets law will require that during a declared disaster, every county that opens an evacuation shelter must open at least one evacuation shelter that allows pets and accommodates persons with pets.

A Deregulation bill passed that included language that will allow trained animal shelter technicians to implant microchips in shelter animals which will help shelters reunite lost pets with their owners get animals out of shelter faster. This will also reduce costs to provide pet microchipping services.

In addition, a harmful bill relating to pet stores that sell puppy mill victims did not pass and we are very thankful for that. The bill would have undone 70 local laws in Florida aimed at stopping puppy mill cruelty and prevented local governments from regulating pet stores. This bad bill may be introduced again next year by the puppy mill and pet store industries, so we need to be ready to fight it again.

Two other bills that passed that have to do with non-domestic animals…..

The Shark Fins law which was sponsored by our own Senator Travis Hutson will prohibit the importation of shark fins into Florida. Shark finning is a cruel practice in which sharks are caught, their fins are cut completely off and the shark is often thrown back in the water to die. Shark fin soup is a delicacy in some cultures.

The bear poaching law which increases the penalties for illegal killing of bears. First time offenders would lose their license for three years. Subsequent offenses, license would be permanently lost.

Local contact for:
Senator Travis Hutson 386-446-7610
Representative Paul Renner 386-446-7644.

Watch the news to see when Governor Ron DeSantis signs these animal protection bills. When he signs them, give his office a call and say thank you. 850-717-9337. The animals appreciate it!