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February 14, 2020
Amy Wade Carotenuto

Your Heart Belongs to Me

Does your valentine have fur and four legs?

According to a survey done by the National Retail Federation pet owners are expected to spend $1.7 billion on Valentine’s gifts for their pets, a number that is rising every year. Admit it….even if your pet isn’t your only Valentine, you know there’s an extra little something in this week’s shopping cart for the furry one who offers you unconditional love.

There are stores that allow and even encourage you to bring your leashed (and hopefully well behaved) dog to pick out their own gift. PetsMart, Petco, Pet Supermarket and Tractor Supply are all local pet stores that have open doggie door policies. Shopping one of these stores with your dog will help socialize your dog and allow him or her to pick out their own Valentine toys.

Hey, even pets can benefit from a little retail therapy. More and more retailers outside of the pet industry are allowing well behaved, leashed dogs inside their stores, so if shopping is your thing, ask management at your favorite store if your pet can join you as you shop.

So if your pet is your valentine make sure you plan to do something special that your pet will love. Leashed dogs are allowed on Flagler Beach north of North Tenth Street and south of South Tenth Street (just not in between) and there’s dog parks or just play in your own back yard. If your cat loves to chase the red dot on the wall, spend time playing that. Even birds have games they like to play.

Most importantly, make the time all about them. Our pets live in the moment and we should take a lesson from them on that concept. So for your Valentine date with your pet, try to forget for a while that report that is due or the bill that is past due. Distractions like “to do” lists, deadlines and worries should be set aside for just a while. You and your pet will be healthier and happier for it.

Having a pet as a Valentine is cool because you don’t have to get dressed up to impress them. No cologne, no make-up. If your pet follows you around and worships the ground you walk on it’s super sweet. Whereas if a human follows your every move, well that’s weird & could be considered stalking.

And the number one reason pets make the best Valentines...
Chocolate is bad for them so you don’t have to share your Valentine candy with them.