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October 21, 2020
Melondy Bosko

My Sweet Boy

Today I said goodbye to my friend, my shadow, my protector and demon.

When I was home, my companion of 11 years was just a couple of feet from me at all times.

My Sweet Boy came into my life after the death of another companion, a Rottie (Bear), that I had for 9 years.

My Bear passed eleven years ago on 10/09/2009. Bear was also a good boy, it was so hard to see him go. Bear passed suddenly, one day there, the next day gone. He was a constant companion but he shared his love with others. It was very hard to see my Bear-Bear pass.

That leads to the story of the sweetest dog I have known...

A few days after Bear passed, my husband, unbeknownst to me, started looking for another dog. Five days after Bears passing he came to me and asked if I would like to look at a dog that he found online.

Still in grief, I looked at him with some anger.

I thought to myself, “How can you think that I would even consider?”

He asked me to look at a picture of three Labradors that were at the Flagler Humane Society. I just felt so guilty to even look at those dogs. How could I betray my Bear especially just having received his ashes that day?

My husband said, “Lets just go take a look. At least you will get out of the house.”

So I went that day on 0/17/2009.

We were escorted to the cage where the three Labradors were by one of the caregivers, a brown, a black and a yellow lab all in the same cage. I put my fingers through the wire cage in the direction of the brown lab. He was not interested in me and he started to bark. With my eyes still focused on the brown lab, I suddenly felt a tiny nibble on my fingers...

It was the yellow Lab!

You see, the yellow lab was doing the picking and he picked me as his human. It is so strange how an animal singles you out as their human. I was tagged to be his forever human. Deacon was the name his previous owners gave him but I renamed him Chance. Latter he just became known as Puppy.

Through the years he nibbled my fingers when I shared my peanut butter sandwiches, some French fries or whatever he deemed we should share.

All the memories of my sweet boy will give me comfort as I know that he had a good life.

My sweet boy had a difficult time his last couple months. There were days he just could not make it to wait outside the bathroom door (of course I needed protection at all times) or jump on the couch and share some snacks and TV time. The last month was hardest for him, unable to get up our stairs, so I carried him up and down.

It was only fair after all!

Every night, for most of the 11 years, he was there along my side to make sure I made it up and down.

I will miss his footsteps behind me, the clickety-click of his nails on the hardwood and tile floors.

I will cherish that he gave me companionship and love for many years. I will feel odd not being goosed (just want you to know I'm here Mommy) as I came home from shopping. The greetings and the inspection of the shopping bags (hey, there might be treats in those bags!) and yes, he got a treat for the inspection.

One day my big sweet boy told me “Mommy, now is my time. I am just tired. I have done my job”.

As it should be, I was there for his final moments. Just as he selected me to be his human with a nibble on my fingers he left this world with me holding his head for that last moment. He said his goodbye to me with his head in my hands. I will always remember my sweet sweet boy. He passed one day short of 11 years 10/16/2020.

Thank you Flagler Humane Society for such a wonderful boy!
Chance Chance Chance Chance Chance