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November 21, 2019
Christen Brautigan

Holidays Again?

Oh, yes, it’s the holidays again!

My favorite is Halloween and that has passed, but Thanksgiving is just around the corner. All that food and family and ooooooh belly aches. Please keep your fur babies in your mind, hard not to with those beautiful eyes staring you down as you carve up the turkey. You think its thanksgiving for them too, so why not?


You think “I will give them a bone to chew on.” Don’t! I have seen many dogs and cats get bones stuck in their throats and must have surgery. Cooked bones can splinter and raw bones you must be careful with also. Poultry bones will have their mouth’s watering, but they have sharp points that can hurt their throats or rupture their gastrointestinal tract. According to Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, vets see dogs choking on a piece of turkey bone, or bones becoming lodged in their teeth or jaw, bones becoming stuck in the esophagus or stomach and bones that cause intestinal blockages.

If you think your fur baby did get into some bones while you are running around to get food on the table, keep an eye on them and look for symptoms. You may have to pack up and go to emergency vet if your fur baby has a hard time breathing, heaving, or vomiting. You definitely don’t want them to throw it up because it could cause more damage.

So, if you want to spoil your fur baby, please buy a special dog treat or small nibble of plain turkey. Make sure there are no bones on the counter where the animals can get them, and place garbage where they can’t reach it. A few extra precautions can prevent any emergencies with your fur babies, allow you to relax and enjoy your family, protect your wallet (because emergency vet visits can be expensive) and be able to rest after you overindulge in all that food.

If you want to spoil a shelter pet, here are some ideas...

Rawhides…the kenneled dogs love rawhides. They are a great treat that can help keep them from boredom.

Dog biscuits…we have a treat bucket system where customers can reward dogs for good behavior. We always need cookies for the treat buckets.

Cheese slices… Cheese is great for hiding medicine, also dogs love the taste, so a scared dog may even begin to feel more comfortable when given such a treat.

Catnip or Temptation treats….Cats like Thanksgiving too.

Consider volunteering. The greatest gift that you can give is your time. Call the shelter at 386-445-1814 ext 507 to speak with our volunteer coordinator, Lynn.

From my fur babies and I, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.